the Ard Inn

Founded by Claus Silversmith, the Ard Inn is the oldest establishment in Arden, predating the town itself. It is, in fact, the nucleus around which the town was formed. Locals often call it “the Yard.” The current owner is Charlie the Barkeep, who bought the inn from Claus when Claus lost the use of his legs. Charlie still keeps the bar, and his wife Victoria runs the kitchen. They’ve recently hired a local youth, Belinda, to help out.

The Ard Inn’s name is a wordplay on Arden, the lost homeland of dwarven legend. The town’s name is sort of a backwards wordplay off of Ard Inn, ironic in that the area is fairly level and wooded, and the population is diverse. The Arden of legend is a land of impossibly tall mountains and sheer cliffs, deadly cold temperatures, and no creatures but dwarves and giants.

Current Guest List (non-townies):

Leez Wagori, everyone’s favorite traveling magic shop

Eduardo Constantino de Ciudad Norte, a traveling knight

an anonymous bird-lady

sundry anonymous travelers


  • Beef Stew: 3sp
  • Roasted Potatoes: 2cp
  • Mashed Potatoes: 3cp
  • Pickled Sausage: 2sp
  • Steamed Carrots: 2cp
  • Porridge: 1sp
  • Baked Potato: 4cp
  • Shepherd’s Pie: 2sp
  • Plowman’s Lunch: 5cp
  • Biscuit: 2cp
  • Smoked Pork: 3sp
  • Boiled Broccoli: 1cp
  • Spirits: 5cp
  • Table Wine: 4cp
  • Lager: 4cp
  • Ale: 4cp

the Ard Inn

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