This world is full of crazy races, and they’re pretty much all mixed together geographically. Be sure to check out the new rules for your race, because they’re a little different than you’re used to.

You can pick from any of the core races.

You can also choose aasimar, tengu, or tiefling.

Or, if you have a really good backstory, drow, duergar, goblin, svirfneblin, orc, kobold, or hobgoblin.

If you have any other race you’d like to be, just ask.

House Races: Tengu refers to not only the crow-like people from the link above, but more generally to a number of related bird-like peoples. The entire population of tengu in the world is thought to be only a few thousand, and the Corva, or crow tengu, are by far the most common. Tengu tend to live in small, tightly-knit communities or tribes, and most either very secretive about their homes or, like the Cristata, very violent in defending them from all outsiders.

The game rule information is the same as the SRD tengu, but their alignment tendencies and favored classes are different:

The Columba (dove tengu) are a peaceful and noble race that lives harmoniously with its surroundings (tend to NG, favored class: Druid). The Passera (sparrow tengu) are a war-like but good-natured race that fights for justice (tend to LG, favored class: Fighter). The Corva (crow tengu) are the thieving miscreants of the SRD (tend to CN, favored class: Rogue). The Cristata (blue jay tengu) are a violent and territorial race that can be cruel to outsiders (tend to NE, favored class: Barbarian). The Merula (robin tengu) are a kind but tricky race that loves freedom and goodness (tend to CG, favored class: Bard).


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