A small, rural village of about 400. The mayor and founder is Claus Silversmith. The demographics of the town are approximately 70% human, 15% dwarf, 10% elf, 3% gnome, 2% halfling, 1% other.


Charlie the Barkeep and his wife Victoria, owners and operators of the Ard Inn (humans)

Carpenter Jim and his teenage sons, Carl and Sammy (humans)

Vintner Silas, a local winemaker (elf)

Frieda Silversmith, Claus’s wife (dwarf)

Sheriff Danders, the local keeper of the peace (halfling)

Deputy Frandling, Danders’s brother (halfling)

Father Landis, the town’s extremely old holy man (human)

Jake, his helper and the town’s medic/midwife (human)

Tom, Jake’s orderly and half-brother (half-ogre)

Smithy Jonas, the locak blacksmith (dwarf)

Lady Lelanna, the local schoolmistress (aasimar)

Miss Krechina, her assistant (gnome)

Tanner Russel and family, the local tanner and leatherworker (human)

Eedee and Reedee, the local tailor and cobbler/haberdasher (gnomes)

Renessie, the local weaver (elf)

Curga, a baker (dwarf)

Nibble, another baker (halfling)

Garnetta and Drongo, distillers (gnome & dwarf)

Kris, beer brewer (dwarf)

Rufus and family, wainwright (dwarves)

Barnessa, the local book and scroll seller (elf)

Nobble, his assistant and brother to Nibble (halfling)

Various farmers and their families, as well as traveling traders and merchants.


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