Lady Lelanna


Lady Lelanna is the schoolmistress and kid-wrangler of Arden. She is a nun of the Sisterhood of St. Bernadette, a LG order devoted to teaching and protecting the young ones. As as aasimar, she in incredibly beautiful—some would say unnervingly so. Her pure white skin and platinum blonde hair almost glow, and her piercing blue eyes look like flawless sapphires back-lit by the noontime sun. Needless to say, she has been the subject of nearly every young boy’s crush, and the little girls love her (less so as they get older and start looking dumpy and homely next to their beautiful teacher who never seems to age).

As an educator, she is stern and no-nonsense. She takes discipline very seriously, and she’s not afraid to put the beat-down on any student who steps out of line. Even the upper-teen boys, who often tower over her diminutive (5’4”) frame, know that any disrespect is grounds for swift and painful punishment.


Lady Lelanna

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