Eduardo Constantino de Ciudad Norte

A rusted noble born warrior with a crooked smile, a gleam in his eye, jet black hair, and abs of steel.

NG Cavalier of the Order of the Sword: 1
  • HP: 13
  • STR = 20 (+5)
  • DEX = 14 (+2)
  • CON = 17 (+3)
  • INT = 13 (+1)
  • WIS = 12 (+1)
  • CHA = 17 (+3)
  • COM = 17* (As related to CHA score)
  • AC: 19
  • +5 (Plain Splint Mail) ACP -4, 30 lbs; MAX DEX = +3
  • +2 (Heavy Steel Shield) ACP -2, 15 lbs
  • +2 (DEX)
  • Fort: 5 = 2 + 3 (CON)
  • Ref: 2 = 0 + 2 (DEX)
  • Will: 1 = 0 + 1 (WIS)
  • —-1: Mounted Combat: Ride Check >= Attack Roll = Negates hit on Mount
  • —-1(Bonus: Human): Ride-By-Attack: NO AC Penalty When Charging from Horseback, No AOO moving through threatened squares while Charging
  • —-1(Bonus: CavCF): Teamwork: Swap Places: 1/Day All Allies w/in 30 FT can make 5 ft switch w/ no penalty or AOO
  • —-1(Bonus: CavCF): Challenge 1/Day (+1 Damage, -2AC To Non-Challenge Enemies)
  • Longsword (4lbs):S: ATK+6, DMG: d8+5; (19-20×2)
  • Heavy Flail (10lbs):B, 2H: ATK+8 DMG: d10+7; (19-20×2) || AC = 17
  • Lance (10lbs):P, 1H From Horseback: ATK+6 DMG: d8+5 (x3)
  • —-Lance (Charging):P: ATK+10 DMG: d8+7×2 (x3 Critical)
  • Margarita (Heavy War Horse)|| For fast combat related info: “”
  • -HP: 2d8
  • Stats:
  • -AC: 15
  • - -1 (Size)
  • - +1 (Leather Barding) (15lbs, no ACP)
  • - +4 (Natural)
  • -Attacks
  • -
  • -Special Features
  • - Begins trained for Combat
  • Contents of his Saddlebags

“Buenas dias,” he mumbled, kissing the lady’s hand with just the tip of his lips, tickling her with his bustling mustache. “I’ve come seeking the glory of serving my lady with passion…” pausing just enough to watch her blush ”...on the battlefield against her enemies.” Quite clearly the Duchess was infatuated by his personality, but she too was already scheming to use this brazen warrior in all of the ways that she saw fit. A young duchess, not even 30 years, with curled black hair and pale cheeks full of the stresses of politics in Ibridies, Lady Maria was a cold beauty to say the least.

He winked softly and raised from his knee. “I hear there is a humanoid problem? Or is another trouble robbing her beauty of sleep?” The innuendos clearly disturbed the rest of the court, but the lesser nobles knew to keep their mouths shut…until they were on the other side of the doors of the audience chamber.

“Yes,” she crisply answered. “Yes a gaggle of bandits has been plaguing the border between here and Leom. I would love for a brave warrior to make short work of them, but none of my men are capable of flushing them out of their hideouts.”

His eyes swept the room, noticing that several well armed and well trained men were standing guard in the room. Obviously she hadn’t sent these men. These men are too valuable. ‘Perhaps I could raise my value in her court…and her bedroom…were I to carry out this menial useless task. C’est la vie.’

“I see what my lady then needs is someone of capable arm to carry out this simple task. I am your best candidate, I’m simply dying to brandish my lance for your pleasure,” the edge of his mouth curling into his wicked smile. The duchess’ pale cheeks burned hot red, unused to the obvious flirtation from such a low ranking noble. Of course, the flirtation was welcome…if she felt it gave her the upper hand.

“Then off with you. Bring your lance back in one piece, lest I might miss it,” she retorted.

Without a word, Eduardo turned and left the court…

...heading straight for the local pub.

Eduardo Constantino de Ciudad Norte

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